Pokémon Go Race

What is Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is a mobile game where player can capture and train a virtual Pokémon characters and fight against them. Pokémons appear in different places in the real world, and the player is moving from place to place with his phone vibrating in the vicinity of a Pokémon. There are also against fixed points such as Pokestops and Gyms on the map. You can collect the supplies from the stops and fight with your Pokémons at the gyms.

What is Pokémon GO Race?

Pokémon GO Race is a real life event created by us, that offers companies and organizations an opportunity to market their own operations through the game. We create side events for the players in your company’s forecourt, making it possible to promote services or products.

How the company can benefit from the phenomenon?

We help you to:

  • add traffic in the vicinity of the company, making it possible to market the company’s services
  • add company’s reputation and positive image during the program, as well as in social media
  • reach out to new target groups; Pokémon GO is the game for all age groups, it is a new way to spend free time to the whole family

If you are interested about Pokémon GO Race, be in contact with:

Kalle, +358 40 750 4600.