Game Training


We offer a high quality gaming courses to players, teams or organizations from various of games. Courses are held by pro coaches, who are familiar with the core tactics and also the skilled pro tips, so there's something for everyone to be sure. Courses can be held either via stream ( or Youtube), offline event at your place or offline event at Hyvinkää Gaming House. We offer both: open courses for everyone and also gaming courses that are tailored just for you.

At Hyvinkää Gaming House you can find:

  • 20 computers
  • headsets
  • mouse & keyboard
  • Playstation 3 console
  • Nintendo Wii console
  • tv's & projectors

So you can have a great gaming course there with us.


We have ready and tested courses for:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

​If you have some other titles in mind, are interested our next open course or want to have a private one, please contact Ville via email or call 050 402 7659.


Youth clubs or public authorities?

We also have a knowledge and experince from starting a gaming house, so if you are planning to have one, we can help you. We can also have a cross-section to most favourite games, so your youth workers now what they are talking about and get familiar with games. Check more from here.